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Ideation Session

The inaugural pan-Harvard LGBTQ Conference will feature an ideation session led by innovation leaders from Altitude, Inc., to enable participants to creatively develop solutions to the most hard-pressing issues facing the LGBTQ community as indicated by attendees during the registration process. Participants will learn and apply cutting-edge problem solving methodologies and will be assigned to topics they are most passionate about.

Session Leaders

Alex Tee

Alex is a Principal Mechanical Engineer at Altitude Inc., a Boston based design and innovation consultancy. Though formally trained as an engineer, his greatest enjoyment involves bridging disciplines, understanding people and helping them fulfill their needs. This curiosity has allowed Alex to contribute in numerous capacities including ethnographic researcher, strategist and facilitator.

Ravi Prasad

Ravi is a consultant and educator who believes that creating strong inter-group understanding and dialogue is the key to many complex problems. For this reason, he constantly strives to expand his perspective by working across disciplines and with diverse stakeholder groups such as universities, corporations, non-profits, and government programs like AmeriCorps.